Vanished world Society

The Vanished World Society governs the Trail and Centre through monthly meetings of its committee and subcommittees dealing with the Trail, Centre and Education. A ‘Friends of Vanished World Trust’ supports the Centre, helps to fund various expenses and provides volunteers for the Centre and for Trail activities.

The Friends support a number of activities for members each year, a chance to learn more about the local landscape and the geology that has shaped it.

Guided bus tours can be arranged, including activities at the Centre and a visit to a number of Trail sites in close vicinity to the Centre. 

We can also provide an educational package using the facilities available at the Centre for school groups on request. An opportunity to participate in activities and go on a field trip to Elephant Rocks. 

Give us a call and we will quote you a price 027 431 2024.

ObjectIVES of Vanished World Inc.

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